Our Corporate Audio Visual services deliver professional and seamless boardroom presentation and meeting solutions with a custom design solution that is both high-tech and simple to use.

From presentations, product reviews, and marketing media to video conferencing, we can equip your boardroom with a range of tools that make it easy for board members and visitors to interact with technology.

Dimming lights, changing room temperature or switching on TVs can all be controlled and managed when Fitting Image install one touch technology systems, helping meetings to run smoothly and effectively.

Video Conferencing


 Video Conferencing

Video conferencing offers high quality face-to-face communication and reduces the need for business travel. Our innovative systems will not only save your business money, but also give staff more time at their desks, increasing productivity.
With the latest high definition fully immersive Telepresence solutions, you can conduct a natural and dynamic meeting.

Room Control Systems


Room Control Systems

Using a simple interface to manage a range of complex functions, your team will stay cool and your clients impressed.

When it comes to an important client presentation, our room   control systems allow your team to concentrate on what they do  best. So switching on the projector, lowering the screen, dimming lights and adjusting audio levels can all be done from a single touch  on your custom designed touch panel.

Digital Signage


 Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an innovative form of electronic display, which allows businesses to show up to the minute information on LCD monitors, projectors or video walls.

Content is updated via your own business network and can include messaging, video, web pages or live news feeds. It is an easily controlled form of communication with your staff or customers that Fitting Image can be seamlessly integrate into your daily business practices.

Product Profile


 Presentation Technology

Projectors, flat screen monitors, electric screens, audio systems, touch panel control systems, High Definition video conferencing systems, video and audio switching & distribution, architectural laptop connections, lecterns, and most importantly the design know how to make everything work seamlessly as one system.