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Diigital Signage, Dynamic Advertising, Audio  Visual Advertising

Digital Signage from Fitting Image

Digital Signage or Digital Display Signs the ability to serve adverts dynamically open’s up a new horizon for advertisers.

 The importance of digital display signage & signs is hard to miss.

Digital signage can provide benefits not only to brands but also to retailers. Research clearly shows that awareness levels and Ad recall are both dramatically improved when comparing digital signage to traditional advertising methods. In addition to this digital in-store advertising has also been shown to help drive in-store impulse purchases.

We are proud to have developed a partnership with Visualise who run a specialist platform designed to serve digital adverts dynamically and remotely.  The Ad serving platform is completely robust and can even be used to turn the displays on and off. Under this partnership we provide suitable hardware solutions and we use the Visualise platform deliver the capabilities to deliver your ad.

We recently helped deliver a digital signage solution for a major pharmacy chain in Ireland. If you are interested in finding out more about how we and our partner Visualize can help you achieve a digital signage solution we would be delighted to talk to you.

This short video provides a little more information on our partner Visualize.

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