Trinity College Biomedical Sciences Institute

Trinity College Biomedical Sciences Institute Trinity College Biomedical Sciences Institute Trinity College Biomedical Sciences Institute Trinity College Biomedical Sciences Institute

Audio Visual Services for Education

Trinity College Dublin, Biomedical Sciences Institute – one of the great universities of the world with a four hundred year history of excellence in both research and teaching Fitting Image works closely with Trinity College Audio Visual Media Services department supporting their existing installations as well as installing the latest technologies in their new facilities. As you would expect from a leading teaching and research institute their technological standards are extremely high, but with a priority given to ease of use and reliable user interfaces.

There are over a hundred Senior Lecturer rooms across ve sites in Dublin with presentation equipment running every day, presenting both logistical andtechnological challenges. Fitting Image in association with Trinity sta provides maintenance cover for these sites, to ensure that all of the facilities are kept available for teaching sta . When Trinity College built a new facility to cater for teaching and research speci c to biomedical studies Fitting Image were selected to equip 17 of the 23 new rooms.

To put the project into context Provost, Dr John Hegarty said “The scale of this development is unlike anything undertaken in the history of Trinity or indeed in Ireland…It has innovation at its core and I predict that it will generate enormous dividends to Irish society in terms of health, wealth and wisdom”. One of the primary challenges for an installation on this scale was audibility and general sound quality. For a project that set out to ‘rede ne the scientic landscape in Ireland’ there was no room for compromise on technical excellence. The audio system was designed on CAD to ensure that an even sound pressure level was achieved throughout the Lecture Theatre spaces. Trinity College requires large scale displays for presentation purposes as slides often feature detailed information. Working alongside Trinity College Dublin’s Audio Visual Media Services department Fitting Image installed a system with a unique feature of allowing two displays to show “before and after” pictures at the same time from one source. This feature is switchable so that one screen can be used for camera relay and another for presentations, thus giving maximum versatility. Video conferencing facilities were also installed enabling other sites around Dublin to participate in lectures, and to facilitate over ow rooms in the same building.

The Tercentenary Lecture Theatre, a 300 seat state-of-the-art facility catering for 700 researchers and approx 900 undergraduate students as well as visiting academics and conferences was tted with two 4.8m wide screens.

Fitting Image was on hand throughout the build process to ensure the correct placement of cabling and outlets. The Lecture Theatre project involved 4 days of commissioning and was installed over 14 days.

The building was officially opened on the 17th June 2011 by Taoiseach Enda Kenny and The Tercentenary Lecture Theatre is without doubt one of the most modern lecture theatres in Dublin today.


  • AMX control system
  • AMX 17” Touch Panel
  • AKG Digital radio mics

Polycom HDX Video Conferencing codec and two camerasExtron video switching and processing AXYS Intellivox audio system NEC Video projectors Biamp Nexia audio processors with echo cancellation

“It is always great to maintain and expand our relationship with Trinity College Dublin. With this project in particular it has been rewarding to think that Fitting Image has made a difference to the environment in which researchers will make groundbreaking discoveries that will have national and global impacts”.