Boardroom Installations

Boardroom Installations Boardroom Installations Boardroom Installations

The Boardroom is always the home of the AV system in any company, but does yours work in a trouble free way. Fitting Image prides itself on installing user friendly control in all of its Boardroom installations. All inputs should be simple to select from a user friendly Touch Panel. If that is not the case we feel we have failed and will re-program until the client is happy with the ease of use of the system.

The modern boardroom will generally have display technology, either projection or flat panel display. The inputs may be wired or wireless and can include iPad, laptop, House PC, Visualizer, Video Conferencing, Skype and meeting software. All are available at the Touch of a button in a Fitting Image installed Boardroom. Control of lighting, blinds, and air-conditioning are also standard fare.

Even if not installed by Fitting Image, we are happy to supply help, advice, and maintenance to help you improve the ease of use and present your business in the best light.