Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Video Conferencing

Following the economic downturn and the ash cloud difficulties Video Conferencing has made a greater impact, allowing executives to avoid unnecessary travel. However the secret to good Video Conferencing is to make it as easy as possible to use. Fitting Image has used the Polycom Director system to allow the user to experience a better view of the participants.

This system gives a more televisual experience as the system automatically selects the individual who is speaking, but instead of swinging the camera back and forth, it cuts to a second camera, in a very natural way. We have recently supplied a mobile version of this system for a large legal practice. Another install allowed the customer to mix Skype and standards based video conferencing to allow him to connect his high end customers with their software developers located around the world.

Fitting Image also supplies Video Link systems to the Courts Service to allow Expert and vulnerable witnesses to connect to the courts from remote locations. All of this is controlled automatically from control systems on the legal benches. Gardai also present their electronic evidence through these systems.