Microphones Microphones Microphones

The microphone is the initial input point in any live audio system. If the correct Mic is not used, there is little chance of the audio reaching its best potential. At Fitting Image we go to great lengths to use the right Mic for the job. This may involve using different manufacturer’s Mics from the rest of the system, in order to make sure we are starting with the best quality for the job in hand.

A recent Boardroom installation called for mics to pick up voice from all parts of the table without using individual mics for the participants. As this was required for Audio Conferencing we included an audio processor with echo cancellation. We used a series of boundary mics, each with 17 separate capsules, creating a small cocoon of audio pick up in front of each mic. This was so successful that the client is planning to install the system in four separate meeting rooms.