Tullamore Dew

Tullamore Dew Tullamore Dew

Tullamore Dew, now owned by William Grant and Sons, last year opened a new state-of-the-art distillery in Tullamore, during an exciting time for Irish whiskey, which is currently seeing a big resurgence worldwide, Tullamore D.E.W. has seen sales double globally since 2005. As well as updating the visitor centre in the centre of the town, the new distillery has a visitor experience mostly used for trade meetings.

Fitting Image was given the job of integrating modern AV technology with the old world feel of the presentation rooms. Recessed tab tensioned screens and fully enclosed projectors mean that the room only has the technology on display when it is needed. A further aid to hide the technology is the use of the Kramer Via Connect Pro wireless HDMI technology. Control is from Extron, and AMX via an iPad as the user interface.

In the demonstration bar area the LED displays are on motorised arms that only extend when a presentation environment is required. If the area is full of visitors the presentation can be received on laptops or iPads via the Kramer Via Collage “share main screen” function. Fitting Image was happy to help make the old world look, meet the up-to-date technology required.