Glanbia Case Study

Glanbia Case Study

Boardroom Facilities & Video Conferencing

Glanbia’s brief was to upgrade their existing boardroom facilities to include HD video conferencing. It was important to Glanbia that users could be seen on screen in a friendly way when they participated in conference communications. The biggest challenge was the horseshoe shaped boardroom table in a round boardroom.

The room is multifunctional and needed to be able to facilitate

• Video conferencing (multi point and point to point)

• Audio conferencing to multiple locations simultaneously

• Area specific presentations

• Local PowerPoint type presentations

Fitting Image’s first priority, working through its partner Damovo a leading provider of enterprise ICT, was to understand the client’s functional requirements for the boardroom, which were to present from multiple positions around the table, have concurrent boardroom meetings and be able to share files between various locations.

Fitting Image then started the process of scoping out and specifying upgrades from the source device through to the display and audio system, as well as undertaking careful modifications to the boardroom table. Finally, it was important that the installation and new equipment itself did not disturb day-to-day use of the boardroom.

One of the requirements of the project was to survey and test the projector lift and other equipment from previous installs. To ensure optimum performance both were replaced with a solution that facilitated a simple backup with an output to a portable display in the unlikely event of a system failure.

“We don’t anticipate that the systems we install will fail, but we do believe that it’s important to have back-ups in place to ensure that business is never interrupted”

Liam Walsh, Managing Director of Fitting Image

The main control rack was situated in an inaccessible cupboard located within the boardroom. Fitting Image installed the new equipment in racks that could be pulled out on tracks from the cupboard and turned 90 degrees when fully pulled out, for ease of maintenance.

With large amounts of cabling and fitted objects on the boardroom table cosmetic installation was required to achieve a highly finished end result.

Installation was completed over 7 days with 3 additional days of commissioning and programming.


  • Client controlled conferencing mics
  •  Audio reinforcement system
  •  AMX central controller
  •  AMX wireless touch panel
  •  AMX smaller wired touch panel
  •  Polycom HDX video conferencing codec with two cameras
  •  Polycom Sound Structure – audio processing unit
  •  Extron video switching and processing

The installed system is controlled from a wireless AMX panel, with local wired control at the lectern. In video conferencing mode, whenever a participant in the boardroom presses his/her mic button, the correct video conferencing camera switches to a pre-set position directed at that table position. The Chairman has control for minor adjustments on his wireless panel. There are three laptop input positions on the boardroom table and a forth at the lectern. The room control system also controls the electric curtains and the lighting. The success of this system has led Glanbia to install video conferencing in a second executive meeting room.