AV & Video Conferencing Solutions for Workspaces

The types of spaces in which we work are everchanging, as evident from the impact of the pandemic and a rise in hybrid working. Nowadays, meetings typically involve at least some remote participants, which means companies are relying on technology to conduct meetings virtually. Not only must this technology work at a basic level, it must also provide the audio visual quality to support full inclusion for all participants, wherever they may be. At Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. we value quality, reliability, and a convenient user-friendly experience when providing AV solutions to their clients, which is why we trust Sharp/NEC and Pexip when providing our clients with the best in AV solutions.

From small huddle spaces to large auditoriums, businesses are seeking ways to improve efficiency through skill and knowledge sharing, whilst endeavouring to reduce operational costs. Ease of use, advanced ‘open’ connectivity and a clutter free environment are imperative to aid widespread adoption, whilst long-life, fit-for-purpose performance and modular adaptability brings a low total cost of ownership and future-proof security. With over thirty years’ experience in the business of AV installations, Fitting Image are experts in supplying high quality AV solutions for a variety of different room types.

Room size and number of participants will play an important part in determining the optimum meeting room set up for every organisation. A modern meeting room needs to facilitate both physical and digital collaboration, to meet the needs of the hybrid working model. High quality AV and videoconferencing technology ensures fluid collaboration and communication across places and spaces – and that’s what Fitting Image is all about!

The huddle space is a small space, equipped with collaboration technology, to facilitate one-to-one meetings, or small team gatherings. They are informal, highly productive, relatively open and can be deployed at scale. If a more formal, or private meeting is required then the traditional small meeting room still plays a vital role. Equipped with the capability for remote team members to ‘dial in’, they become some of the most used facilities within an organisation. Beyond that, there are the more specialised rooms, such as board rooms, auditoriums and training rooms where more formal or larger gatherings need to take place. These rooms need to be effective, stylish and often multifunctional.

Large digital touch surfaces provide the means to interact, share, edit and annotate content. In all cases, it is essential that the equipment is ready to use, intuitive, and simple to operate for all staff, to prevent constantly demanding the services of IT resources.

By adding touch capability and UHD resolution, a screen becomes the centrepiece for a collaborative working environment, with wireless presentation connectivity enabling instant, all-inclusive participation. Sharp/NEC’s all-in-one collaboration solution, the NEC InfinityBoard, offers perfectly tailored, open and modular adaptability to meet the developing needs of workspaces. At Fitting Image, we trust Sharp/NEC’s technology to meet our clients’ needs, with customisation options including coloured bezels to meet corporate branding and interior design requirements. 

Large Format Displays are a vital element for presentations and interactive meeting room applications. Sharing the same values as Fitting Image, Sharp/NEC stands for a safe investment secured by high quality components and design, plus high operational safety. With a broad choice of LFD ranges and numerous customisation options, Sharp/NEC delivers tailor-made display solutions to suit every workspace need.

Single large format solutions, interactive video walls and scalable multi projector solutions support instant video conferencing, creative applications, interactive lectures and meetings, plus infotainment systems to facilitate enhanced outcomes from collaborative working.

The ShadowSenseTMTechnology from Sharp/NEC allows perfect visibility even in direct sunlight. The anti-glare coating minimizes disturbing reflections and helps to eliminate distracting fingerprints on the touch surface.

Modern meeting spaces drive the demand for advanced touch technology with innovative design. To support interactive sessions, the Sharp/NEC InGlassTM Touch Board along with the responsive passive pen brings superior paper-like writing with minimal latency to a digital canvas. With its slim bezel design, the technology seamlessly integrates into modern interior styling.

Pexip’s Adaptive Composition uses AI to optimally frame meeting participants and prioritize groups, delivering an immersive, relaxing meeting experience without user action.

Thanks to integrations with Microsoft Outlook calendar, scheduling and joining meetings has never been easier. Meeting previews enable you to have a sneak peak of who’s attending the meeting and who has already joined.

The strong emphasis on security is why Fitting Image trust Pexip when providing solutions to our broad range of clients. Security is built into the Pexip Room experience, without users having to adjust their settings or enter a PIN code. Meeting participants can relax and focus on the meeting knowing that unwanted guests will be unable to join without being let in by the host, while familiar co-workers will have immediate entry to the meeting.

Convenience and a user-friendly experience are other common values that Pexip and Fitting Image share. Pexip’s One-Touch Join allows users freedom from pre-meeting stress, enabling them to join meetings seamlessly, without needing to manually dial in or search for a conference code from a meeting invite. Users can simply enter the room and press the button to join your next meeting.

Pexip works across devices and platforms so all users can connect, regardless if they’re working from home or the office. An excellent solution for hybrid working, users can enjoy the same immersive, high-quality video meetings from their mobile, laptop or meeting room.Whatever your needs, Fitting Image can provide the best AV solutions to help you create the perfect workspaces for you and your organisation. Call us today on +353 (01) 460 2112, or visit fittingimage.ie.