Challenges of Hybrid Working

The way in which we work, especially those working in offices, has changed since the onset of the pandemic. Over the last eighteen months, remote working became the norm for those who were able to carry out their work from home. There is no doubt that employers and employees alike will face challenges readjusting to the return to the office, which began in September. Every employer and employee will have differences in terms of preference and what best suits them. However, hybrid working, a blend of working in office and working from home, looks set to become the new norm, providing the right mixture of structure and company culture, as well as work/life balance. 

Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. partner with Sharp/NEC to provide their clients with high-quality solutions to their Audio Visual needs. Fitting Image value quality, ease of use, and understand that every client has their own unique needs. Sharp/NEC provide products that focus on ease of use, advanced ‘open’ connectivity, as well as a clutter-free environment, which are imperative to aid widespread adoption. They also value long-life, fit-for-purpose performance and modular adaptability, which is why Fitting Image trust Sharp/NEC and their high quality products. And quality certainly matters when it comes to staying connected and operating smoothly both in the office and in the home.

One issue most people face when working remotely relates to connectivity. Meeting room AV equipment should be there to help and facilitate, but so often it has its little quirks. From cluttered cables, a need for an adapter, a lost remote control, to having no signal, IT departments which are notoriously resource-stretched shouldn’t need to be called upon for what should be such a straightforward task. A simple connection that is straight-forward and reliable is what’s needed, and hard-wired is often the easiest and most common solution used. 

Another challenge facing businesses at present is ensuring they have the technology to support their hybrid workforces for the foreseeable future. This is important to ensure that wherever your workforce are, they all feel connected. There are so many variables and considerations in facilitating a successful meeting, but universally all would agree that frustration caused by technology can be a significant challenge. With every meeting most likely to involve at least one remote participant, this adds an additional element. Not only must the equipment work at a basic level, but it must also provide the Audio Visual quality to support full inclusion for all participants.

Like Fitting Image, Sharp/NEC value user-friendly equipment, and this is one way technology can help improve efficiency for businesses. If users are able to access already-familiar tools and applications, there will be less need for time-consuming training and less need for additional support. If employees can rely on an easy-to-use interface, they won’t feel intimidated and resistant to change. Standardisation is another way to help improve efficiency. By replicating the technology across multiple locations, this helps users to become more familiar with the set up, and it also benefits support teams in a similar way. Straightforward equipment means that when it comes to hybrid working, there’s no time-consuming process or extensive training needed to learn how to use the equipment when in office.

Bring Your Own Device initiatives, when working in the office, can help reduce need for training. With Sharp/NEC large format displays’ in-built auto source switching function, the user can connect their own device, and the screen will automatically display from this current source. This provides businesses with a simple and effective solution. Add a video conferencing camera and microphone to this set-up, and you’re all set to welcome your remote employees and guests via your preferred Virtual Conferencing platform.

There are many challenges facing employers and employees when it comes to adapting to the new hybrid working model, but technology should not be one of them. The right technology and AV solutions should improve your hybrid working experience and efficiency, rather than hinder it.

If your business would like assistance with your Audio Visual setup and adapting to the hybrid working model, contact Fitting Image at 01 460 2112 for assistance.