How a Consistent User Experience Can Benefit Your Hybrid Workforce

As businesses invest in the technology which will support their workforces in the new landscape of hybrid working, adopting user-friendly technology that will ensure efficiency and productivity across the organisation is vital for a seamless integration experience. At Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. we value providing our clients with a convenient, user-friendly experience when it comes to AV solutions, and are proud to partner with Sharp/NEC to achieve this goal. Sharp/NEC provide a number of technological solutions that promote a consistent user experience.

Standardisation brings significant benefits to the end user in terms of technology familiarity, giving a consistent user experience at whichever location they choose to work. For IT support teams, technology familiarity means they can offer a more efficient response, and a streamlined approach to procurement and maintenance, improving efficiency overall.

Familiar usage of devices and interfaces across the board will deliver a consistent user experience, meaning meetings will be more productive, as less time will be spent dealing with complicated technology. This means less requirement for user training and reduced potential resistance to using the tools and devices from apprehensive employees. Meeting spaces will be less cluttered, requiring less equipment as equipment manufacturers speak a common language.

High quality equipment that is ready to use and simple to operate is vital to maintain efficiency and productivity as we adapt to new norm that is the hybrid working model. Equipment that is straightforward and that does not require training will aid widespread adaption amongst employees, and prevent employees feeling intimidated by or hesitant about technological change.

The Sharp/NEC InfinityBoard is a collaboration board solution  which allows organisations to use any video conferencing platform of their choice, such as GoToMeeting, Zoom or Skype for Business, and can integrate with their choice of software, meaning organisations and their employees can continue using the platforms they are familiar with.

The NEC InfinityBoard supports any scenario from multiple presenters to large groups with remote participation. Meeting the needs for video conferencing, creative brainstorming, reviewing and collaboration to boost group work efficiency.

Sharp/NEC Large Format Displays provide the answer with an in-built auto source switching function. When the user connects his device, the screen will automatically display from this current source. By setting priorities, when the connected user disconnects his device, the content will automatically revert to an alternative video source. For businesses initiating Bring Your Own Device meetings, the auto source switching function offers a very simple and effective solution. Add a video conferencing camera and microphone and you’re all set to welcome your remote guests via your preferred video conferencing platform, optimised for MS Teams or Zoom.

The second video source might be the integrated RaspberryPi compute module with pre-installed NEC MediaPlayer. Neatly slotted into the large format display, there are no additional cables or devices to contend with.

This might be used for a variety of purposes, from displaying a welcome message, or perhaps company information or inspiring branding image, to offering simple instructions regarding use of the meeting space and equipment. Also, a very easy to use web interface enables the content to be changed or updated as needed, in a simple and straightforward manner.

Beyond the functionality of the displays themselves, on/off settings can be controlled remotely. Sharp/NEC’s NaViSet Administrator 2 software enables the remote control and management of all displays connected to a particular network. Any potential issues or faults can be proactively dealt with by the AV/IT team, which minimizes downtime and ensures equipment is always ready and available to users.

With the majority of organisations increasingly prioritising the need for premium video collaboration solutions to facilitate their hybrid meetings, there are certain features that can help to create a functional, immersive meeting experience for all participants. Today’s technology enables us to combine video, audio and AI for outstanding results in video conferencing and teamwork.

Plug-and-play connectivity allows users to experience high-end video and audio with any device, so users can connect their own laptop with ease. This means anyone can deliver engaging video whenever they are, with straightforward set-up and maximum ease of use. This can play a major role in the adoption of new technology, giving employees the chance to use devices they are already familiar with.

When it comes to adapting to the hybrid working environment, businesses require collaboration tools and audio visual solutions that are reliable and easy to use, to deliver a consistent and positive user experience in order to maximise employee productivity and foster better working practices across widely-dispersed teams.If you would like assistance with your AV needs and adapting to the hybrid working model, contact Fitting Image today on +353 (01) 460 2112.