The Importance of Updating and Maintaining AV Equipment for the Hotel Industry

How the Pandemic Impacted Hotels, and the Importance of Updating and Maintaining AV Equipment for the Hotel Industry

Like every other industry, hotels were significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic caused an unprecedented level of disruption to the global hotel industry. A combination of local lockdowns and travel restrictions resulted in many hotels having to close temporarily or operate at a fraction of their available capacity.

Audio Visual technology has become an invaluable asset across all aspects of the diverse hospitality sector. In today’s digital world, holding the attention of your audience is becoming increasingly challenging, requiring more sophisticated techniques to maintain interest. Digital surfaces and interactive screens deliver a variety of data and information, with exciting possibilities to captivate and inspire your audience. Of course, reliability is vital to ensure smooth operation and to provide the kind of experience which will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. spoke with Stephen Moore, Food and Beverage Manager at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Blanchardstown, to better understand the impact the pandemic had on the hotel industry, as well as the importance of updating and maintaining their AV equipment to improve their customers’ experiences.

How did the Covid-19 pandemic impact the Crowne Plaza hotel? 

Obviously, like most hotels, we were greatly impacted by Covid-19. However, we were lucky enough to have a contract for healthcare professionals to stay in the hotel during the initial wave. As restrictions changed, we had a steady flow of essential workers staying with us and we were fortunate to have the hotel open throughout the pandemic.

In your opinion, how has the event industry changed since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic? 

The running of events has changed significantly with the implementation of social distancing measures, and a huge emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene. It is hard to imagine running “normal” events after such a long period.

Did you observe any positive outcomes from the lockdown, with regards to new procedures etc.?

There is a much bigger emphasis on hygiene since the onset of the pandemic, especially from a client’s perspective. Hand sanitizing has become second nature at this stage and will most likely continue, which can only be a good thing. Also, groups have become smaller, which means more time can be spent with clients to ensure a successful event.

How do you find working with Fitting Image, and what do you think they bring to the table? 

I have found working with the guys from Fitting Image to be an excellent experience. From first contact, to quote, to installation; it has been a quick and stress-free process. The guys at Fitting Image have been very professional, and I would not hesitate to do business with them in the future.

How important do you find having high-quality AV equipment, and maintaining and updating said equipment, in the hospitality industry? 

It’s extremely important to have a proper AV setup in place. Technology is constantly advancing and at great speed. It’s important to keep up to date in order to provide the best possible service to our clients.

As hotels continuously strive to offer the latest innovations in technology for their guests, they are turning more and more to new and more advanced uses of AV equipment. This includes the use of video walls, wireless communications and larger screens for relaying hotel information in lobbies and other public spaces, providing food-and-beverage options, and especially delivering enhanced presentations during meetings and conventions. 

There also is an increased use of AV for digital art in hotel lobbies, as well as broadcasting sporting events on large video walls in restaurants and bars. Hotels of all sizes and aesthetics are leveraging the latest AV technologies to deliver unique, memorable experiences that provide guests with useful travel information while reinforcing branding and communicating a high level of customer service.

The need to offer guests compelling AV experiences also extends to other hospitality venues. Hospitality venues of all types are increasingly looking to the latest audio visual technologies to provide guests with meaningful interactive experiences. To remain competitive and relevant, hospitality operators should stay informed of continuing technological advances that can be used to differentiate their brand and provide a better guest experience.If you would like assistance with your audio visual needs, contact Fitting Image today on +353 (01) 460 2112.