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We provide best-in-class Audio Visual solutions for Irish businesses to support their needs through supply and installation of digital screens, microphones, projectors and associated products.

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AV Architecture

Office AV

As Audio Visual and digital engineers, we design, install and maintain innovative Audio Visual solutions with a single purpose in mind: improving your productivity through technology. With excellence in service, security, and innovation at our core, we are constantly delivering more creative and effective ways to enhance your Audio Visual needs, from video conferencing and AV for meeting rooms to courtroom AV and digital signage solutions – and everything in between.

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AV & Law

The right Audio Visual solutions (AV solutions) can improve the line of communications between practitioners, clients, and the Courts. We understand the importance of integrating AV for law firms in a way that works to both support and enhance legal and court proceedings in a safe and secure manner from start to finish. With many years of experience in the legal industry, our team are experts in implementing and maintaining AV for law firms. We have experience in fitting out all sizes of office space for law firms and government buildings and can advise you on the best equipment to invest in for your budget and needs.

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Digital Signage

Digital signage is a captivating and dynamic alternative to traditional displays. Digital signage solutions allow businesses and other organisations to share timely messages on an electronic display, managed from any remote location. Your organisation can choose from display videos, graphics, web pages, live news feeds, and more to convey up-to-the-minute information to staff, clients, students, and customers. A sleek and easily controlled form of communication, digital signage solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your daily business practices.

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Video Conferencing & Support

Educational Facility AV

We’ve been working with the third level community for over twenty-five years, delivering exceptional Audio Visual (AV) solutions for educational facilities, including Trinity College Dublin and more of Ireland’s top universities and colleges. Integrating technology in the modern classroom helps to fully prepare students for their technology-focused futures and future workplaces, while creating a more interesting learning environment. In fact, AV for educational facilities has aided in the transition from passive learning to collaborative, interactive learning.

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AV Maintenance & Support

When working with Fitting Image AV Sales, you can rest assured that all of your Audio Visual AV solutions are backed by reliable, professional, and effective AV maintenance and AV support. While we have been in business for over 30 years, we don’t just let our experience speak for itself. We’re proud to have been awarded with the Excellence in Installation and Maintenance of Audio-Visual Equipment by the The Public Sector Magazine’s Excellence in Business Awards 2020 and 2021. The importance we place on maintenance has been paramount to our success in the Audio Visual arena, and we take great care to ensure all of your AV equipment is in top condition to ensure continuity of operation while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

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Exhibition Centres and Heritage Sites

Our Audio Visual (AV) solutions will bring your exhibition or event to life. Having developed the AV solutions for some of the top exhibition and visitor centres around Ireland, our highly skilled team has a wealth of experience in building the perfect AV solutions designed to suit your needs. From design and install to upgrades and repairs, we’re well-equipped to help tell the story of your exhibit or heritage site. We work closely with museum designers and architects to produce the intended effect.

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Dynamic Engagement

The world of Audio Visual systems continues to develop at a rapid pace as more and more manufacturers invest significantly in research and development, and with that, we are seeing an explosion of new technologies offering mouth-watering effects. We ensure we source the best product to create the most dynamically engaging experience possible, which is only limited by the space available to you.