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The right Audio Visual solutions (AV solutions) can improve the line of communications between practitioners, clients, and the Courts. We understand the importance of integrating AV for law firms in a way that works to both support and enhance legal and court proceedings in a safe and secure manner from start to finish. With many years of experience in the legal industry, our team are experts in implementing and maintaining AV for law firms. We have experience in fitting out all sizes of office space for law firms and government buildings and can advise you on the best equipment to invest in for your budget and needs.

We are proud to have worked with The Courts Service since 2007 and have developed their courtroom technology to where it is today. Our systems help The Courts to get on with the business of delivering justice in an efficient and transparent way. The use of our technology has allowed most participants to attend remotely, promoting efficiency while helping to save on costs. Remote hearings require secure, high-quality courtroom AV. Through the use of highly secure communication platforms, The Courts can now link directly with video systems in garda stations, prisons, and locations all over the world. Our courtroom AV solutions provide The Courts with complete control over who is connected and what those individuals both see and hear. Our team is always willing to adapt to our clients’ changing needs, so when social distancing was required, we helped our clients adjust in a number of ways. For example, we added additional monitors to allow jurors to be socially distanced. In some cases, adjoining courts were linked via Video Link to increase the available space for a case to proceed.

Overall, AV for law firms requires a different set of AV solutions to meet the ongoing needs of today’s ever-changing office landscape. Our team of experts is equipped with the top video conferencing equipment which provides crisp, clear sound and video. Depending on the type of law your firm practices, we have the appropriate AV solutions for your specific needs. But no matter the type of law, when it comes to AV for law firms or courtroom AV, safe, private, secure video conferencing is a top priority, and we partner with brands like Pexip so you and your firm can rest assured that everything from client meetings to remote tribunals are protected.

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