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When working with Fitting Image, office and IT managers can be confident they are working with a strong, dependable, and innovative team of highly trained individuals for your office audio visual systems. In support of our engineers is a design and project management team that provides our clients with cutting-edge Audio Visual solutions (AV solutions) and open view project management. When it comes to improving workplace productivity and function, we understand that each prospective client has an unique set of needs, which is why we never work by a one-size-fits-all template for your office audio visual systems.

Our corporate AV for meeting rooms deliver sleek, professional, seamless boardroom presentation and meeting solutions with a custom design solution that is both high-tech and simple to use. From presentations, product reviews, and marketing media to video conferencing, we can equip your boardroom with a range of tools that make it easy for board members and visitors to interact with technology. Dimming lights, changing room temperature or switching on displays can all be controlled and managed when Fitting Image install touch technology systems, helping meetings to run smoothly and effectively.

With the advent of hybrid working, more and more businesses are relying on AV solutions to promote fluid collaboration between those working from home and those working in the office. Our team is well-versed in AV for meeting rooms and understands your need to adapt to not only today’s rapidly changing work environment but also today’s continuous technological advancements. Video conferencing, for one, is integral to the hybrid working model, and we partner with a number of brands such as NEC, Clevertouch, Poly, Logitech, Aver and others to bring the highest quality AV solutions to your meeting rooms. Engines powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) allow for a collaborative video conferencing experience that is natural, interactive, and as close an experience as possible to meeting in person. Consider Clevershare, which allows up to 50 devices to connect and share images, video, and audio directly from your organisation’s Clevertouch screen.

AV for meeting rooms is essential for any business, but it is paramount in a hybrid working model to facilitate clear communication, promote collaboration, inspire creativity, and boost efficiency and productivity. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your needs and agree on the right office audio visual systems for today and well into the future.

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