Video conferencing
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Video conferencing has become essential to any organisation. We know that you rely on clear, crisp, and effective communication in the workplace. We don’t just deliver high-quality video conferencing solutions; we’ve been trusted with keeping businesses across Ireland outfitted with the best in audio and visual equipment to spotlight your presenters and add a personal touch to long-distance meetings, effortlessly connecting your offices with any location worldwide.

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Educational Facilities

We’ve been working with the third level community for over twenty-five years, delivering exceptional services to some of Ireland’s top universities and colleges. Integrating technology in the modern classroom creates a more interesting and interactive environment for students. We provide advice across a range of innovative teaching aids from crystal-clear large screen projection systems to top-class lecture capture systems.

We know the importance of reliable Audio Visual systems in the classroom and lecture hall. There is nothing more frustrating for pupils or teachers and lecturers than unreliable technology. Apart from installing high-end equipment in the educational arena, we also offer a maintenance service to ensure continuity of operation and keeping down time to an absolute minimum. With the onset of Covid, the importance of hybrid communications within the education system has increased dramatically. Additionally, we provide remote room management systems and onsite training to ensure educators have the skills and confidence to operate our technology in the classroom.


The importance we place on maintenance has been paramount to our success in the Audio Visual arena due to our vigilant effort to provide all maintenance services, including on-site servicing, a 24-hour help centre, and messaging services. Keeping equipment running smoothly is incredibly important to us so that our customers can enjoy their Audio Visual technology without issue. 

We also carry a large stock of loan equipment so we can respond to and resolve issues quickly. Our AV engineers are professional, responsive and constantly on the move, supplying maintenance wherever and whenever needed to ensure you are never without cover.

Exhibition Centres and Heritage Sites

Having developed the Audio Visual requirements for many exhibition and visitor centres around Ireland, our team has a wealth of experience in advising and developing specifications to meet the needs of any new build or upgrades to existing facilities. We’re at the cutting edge of new technologies and invest in ongoing research, training and development to ensure we are ahead of the curve in making your centre best in class.

Our Audio Visual solutions will bring your exhibition or event to life, always keeping the customer experience top of mind. Using our decades of expertise and the latest in technology, our creative technical staff will design and install top-quality audio, lighting, staging and video solutions for your facility, and our maintenance team is here for you 24/7 should any issues arise.

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