Exhibition Centres and Heritage Sites

Our Audio Visual solutions will bring your exhibitions and events to life. We have developed AV solutions for top exhibition and visitor centres around Ireland. That’s why our team has a wealth of experience building the perfect AVs for exhibition centres and heritage sites. Whether it’s design and installation or upgrades and repairs, we’re well-equipped to tell the story of your exhibit or heritage site. We work closely with museum designers and architects to produce the intended effect.

In doing so, we always keep the visitor experience top of mind. We work to bring your creative vision to life, working diligently to create the AV display which will tie in seamlessly with your space. With decades of expertise and the latest technology, our creative technical staff will design and install top-quality audio, lighting, staging and video solutions for your exhibition, no matter the size of your venue. Moreover, our maintenance team is here for you via our helpline, answering any last-minute changes or AV emergencies that may arise during your exhibition.


Transforming your Space

Combined with audio, our digital signage solutions, including LED signage and LED video walls, can take your exhibition centres and heritage sites to the next level. That’s because we transform your space into a complete, immersive experience to engage a wide range of visitors. With Audio Visual solutions, you can enhance existing exhibits and create the ideal ambience for your space. In fact, audio can facilitate self-guided tours and engage visitors with your messaging. In contrast, video and other interactive displays grab visitors’ attention with crystal-clear visuals. This can be presented in many ways, such as digital signage solutions, LED signage, video walls, and more. Regarding LED signage, a LED video wall allows you to showcase speakers and presenters live in a large format. Therefore, designed with our expertise, these displays provide the perfect platform to educate and entertain visitors.

Variety of Possibilities 

Nowadays, events may be in-person, virtual, or hybrid, and we’re prepared to advise on all three. Our digital signage solutions provide the perfect virtual or hybrid events platform. What’s more, we work with top-tier holographic technology companies to bring hologram services into your exhibition centre or heritage site. Holographic technology can make engaging with historical figures a reality. This holographic technology can also allow you to bring presenters in from across the globe. They can speak with and answer live questions from the audience as if they were physically in the room. We’re at the cutting edge of new technologies and invest in ongoing research, training and development, ensuring we make your centre the best in class.


Audio Visual solutions continue to develop rapidly. We source the best product to create the most engaging experience possible, which is only limited by the space available to you. We have access to all the Audio Visual equipment you need to transform your space or enhance your event.

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