AV Maintenance and Support

Fitting Image provides all AV maintenance and support services, including on-site servicing, a quick response help centre, and messaging services. We also carry a large stock of loan equipment to quickly respond to and resolve issues. Our reliable team of AV technicians are professional, responsive and constantly on the move, supplying maintenance whenever needed to ensure you are never without cover. Our AV technicians are flexible and can tailor their process to suit your specific needs.


Fitting Image’s preventative maintenance ensures no issues arise with your AV solutions. We use our expertise to provide troubleshooting, repair, and replacement where necessary. With quick response, our AV technicians can be deployed onsite for time-sensitive fixes, so you are never left without the technology you rely on. They may also recommend system upgrades to extend the lifeline of your AV solutions and keep them working perfectly.

Why Maintenance and Support Matters

Your investment in AV solutions impacts the productivity of your business. We work hard to provide ongoing AV maintenance and support unique to your team’s specific needs. For example, different members of your team may require specific needs. Therefore, they may have varying degrees of knowledge relating to any one piece of AV equipment. Training is not always a one-size-fits-all solution. Our AV technicians are happy to provide instructions on your AV solutions to ensure you can use them to their fullest capabilities. No matter what kind of AV support or maintenance you require, our team is happy to assist.


When working with Fitting Image, you can rest assured that your Audio Visual solutions are backed by reliable AV maintenance and support. Even though we have been in business for over 30 years, we don’t just let our experience speak for itself. We’re proud to have been awarded the Excellence in Installation and Maintenance of Audio-Visual Equipment by the “The Public Sector Magazine’s Excellence in Business Awards” 2020 and 2021. The importance we place on maintenance has been paramount to our success in the Audio Visual arena. We take great care to ensure all your AV equipment is in top condition. That’s why we ensure operation continuity while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

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