The Health & Safety Authority’s (HSA) AV Installation 

The HSA is the national statutory body responsible for enforcing occupational Health and Safety law in Ireland.

The HSA wanted to remove the internal walls of an existing training room into their Dublin headquarters, transforming three into one. Having previously installed the HSA’s AV equipment, we were confident in the refurbishment.

The first task was to decide what equipment could be retained and what needed to be upgraded. Creating a new space with a much larger capacity established a requirement for a bigger projection screen and an upgraded projector. A new addition to the training room was an induction loop for assistive listening; all the remaining equipment would then be used in the new layout. 

“The refurbishment process doesn’t necessarily mean that equipment has to be entirely overhauled. In some cases, it’s time for an upgrade or the brief demands products with enhanced features, but often, we’ll try to integrate existing equipment to reduce wastage.”

– Fitting Image Managing Director, Liam Walsh

We were introduced into the planning process early on which ensured the AV requirements were integrated into the overall room refurbishment, facilitating a much easier and cost-effective installation. For example, the required wiring was in place before the walls were closed up. 

We took the basic layout of the room and produced a system schematic which we based the project costing on, ensuring no equipment was omitted from the quotation.

Initially, we dismantled the existing equipment and installed new cabling when the room was restructured, while the AV equipment was fitted during the final phase of the project. Cabling was hidden via system ceilings and raised computer flooring, and the induction loop was fitted below the carpet tiles. Our technical design resulted in a training room with all the required technical facilities that can also be used for other purposes without the need for new equipment. Good planning and communications between single point of contacts at the HSA ensured the project was completed on time and on budget.

The entire project was successfully delivered over a number of weeks with the AV equipment installed over 2 days, allowing an additional day for commissioning and snagging.

AV Equipment:

  • NEC projector
  • Extron Video & Audio switching
  • AMX controller
  • AMX touch panel
  • iLight controllable dimmers

The requirements of the brief for the new space included a computer fitted into the equipment rack with a further two connection points for laptops, DVD playback and an upscaled projection screen. It also included relocation of the room’s original video conferencing facilities to a room nearby. 

The HSA said,

“Fitting Image has an excellent team of professionals who react quickly to any issue and do so while remaining competitively priced. It was essential that the refurbished HSA training facility maintained its quality facilities but on a larger scale. This was achieved through thorough planning and consultation, and we are delighted with the results.”

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