Video Conferencing with Revenue Commissioners

The Revenue Commissioners is the body responsible for the assessment and collection of taxes and duties in the Republic of Ireland. The body has over 100 offices countrywide and over 7,000 staff. 

Working with our partner Damovo, we were commissioned to develop a strategy for introducing video conferencing to the office to allow for remote working/conferencing. Many of the smaller offices were fitted with trolley-based roll about systems (a monitor and video conference system mounted on a trolley). In the bigger offices, we installed full specification boardroom systems, integrating video conferencing units to be operated by remote AV control.

A 40-port bridge was installed, allowing staff to dial into virtual meeting rooms to have multipoint meetings (with simultaneous multipoint meetings able to take place across the Revenue Commissioners). The secret to the success of the project was that the systems were uniformly configured, and an ergonomic interface was custom designed to facilitate intuitive control. 

Following the full rollout of the installation, video conference briefing meetings now happen at the Revenue Commissioners every week. Regular meetings also involve multiple offices, with video conferencing and data sharing second nature. Voice, video and data are converged and run free-of-charge via IP across the government’s VPN.


  • NEC Projectors and Monitors
  • Polycom Video Conferencing Codecs and Cameras
  • AMX Control Systems
  • Various Audio products (location dependent)

Services used:

  • Install and Maintenance

We also provide the Revenue Commissioners with an on-going maintenance service to ensure the system runs continuously without interruption. 

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