5 Important benefits of Audio Visual Solutions in law firms

Audio visuals solutions in law firms supported the new ways of working required during the pandemic.  Digital transformation in legal workplaces was accelerated by these new ways of working.  Fitting Image has been at the forefront of supporting this transformation in the legal sector across Ireland. We are working with firms to develop the legal work environment of the future. One which needs to balance the competing demands for mobility, collaboration, privacy and flexibility.


Here we look at five important benefits audio visual solutions in law firms can bring.


1. Audio Visual Solutions Improve Flexibility


Hybrid and remote working in law firms is here to stay. Employees today, and into the future demand flexibility . For this new way of working to be effective law firms need to provide smart audio visual solutions. Meeting rooms should not only be high-tech, but simple to use.  We install video conferencing solutions from some of the world’s leading brands including NEC and  Clevertouch.


2. Audio Visual Solutions  Improve Collaboration


Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), our audio video solutions ensure collaboration is easy and as close to an in person experience as possible. For example with Clevershare we call facilitate up to 50 devices connecting to share images, video and audio direct from your firms Clevertouch screen.  We design systems that suit you, your needs and your budget.


3. Audio Visual Solutions Support Privacy, Confidentiality and Security


With cyber attacks on the rise confidential business information, critical services and infrastructure are at risk. Privacy, confidentiality and data security are essential whether your team are working in the office or remotely.  We are the preferred provider of audio visual solutions to the Court Service of Ireland. We work with Pexip on secure video platforms to ensure our clients stay in control of their data. Pexip provides private and secure video meetings where video collaboration is mission critical.


4. Driving Efficiency and Sustainability with Audio Visual Solutions in Law Firms


The traditional law firm way of working was an entirely office based team with a reliance on in person meetings.  The office of the future will make much more efficient use of real estate energy and personnel resources. Hybrid working means that law firms may no longer need such large office spaces.  Rather than a desk per person, the demand has shifted to flexible work spaces, and reducing real estate expenditure. Video conferencing has reduced the need for in-person meetings and travel.  Both of these factors, coupled with the latest innovations in audio visual technology are driving efficiencies, reducing emissions and helping to lower costs at a time when margins are tightening


5. Attract and Retain Talent with Audio Visual Solutions at Law Firms


How your office functions can be key to attracting and retaining talent. The flexibility offered by hybrid and remote working are now an essential requirement for job applicants. Smart staff also have an expectation that organisations provide secure IT supports and easy to use audio visual solutions that promote collaboration. Today, the audio visual solutions you provide in your law firm are a statement of your professionalism, and influence the confidence both your team and clients place in your ability to deliver legal services.


Talk to us about how we can help you develop a more efficient, sustainable, law firm for the future that helps attract and retain the talent and clients you want.