How Audio Visual Solutions Can Future Proof Your Law Firm

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The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation that was already underway in the legal sector.   Hybrid working has become the norm and the use of remote courts is widespread. In addition, the demands of collaboration and cyber security require smart integrated systems.  Fitting Image has been working with The Courts Service of Ireland since 2007, and with offices across Ireland to ensure their audio visual solutions are fit for the way we will work in the years to come.  Here we outline some of the ways we can help you future proof your law firm.


Focus on what your clients value


Your clients value your expertise experience and discretion. However, as your clients adopt technology and sustainability initiatives they expect their legal services providers to keep up with the trends too. Law firms today must facilitate effective communication and secure audio visual solutions for digital signage, video conferencing and supporting remote working are essential.  Clients demand the flexibility to reach you and other experts remotely. It is vital you share data securely and that service providers use sustainable business practices.


Smart Efficiencies


Our partnership with NEC, winner of the Green Signage Award, means we install the newest, most innovative audio visual solutions for our clients. As well as being energy efficient to run, the innovations in NEC products extends their lifespan. The Artificial Intelligence features of the Clevertouch products we install


Effectively Access Remote Courts


Virtual and hybrid courts have transformed the provision of legal services.  Virtual hearings are driving increased efficiencies. They reduce the need for travel, leading to time savings and convenience.  To gain the most benefit from innovations in the court service it is important you resource your office and installing the technology required for virtual hearings.


Innovate with the best tools


To future proof your law firm it is essential you are innovating with the latest technologies. More and more organisations are using digital signage as an effective way to communicate with both staff and clients. Versatile and easy to update they offer a sustainable solution to printed signage.

With cyber attacks on the increase, it is essential that your organisation provides secure communications.  We work with the Courts Service of Ireland to install Pexip in Courts throughout Ireland. We are experts in installing and maintaining secure Pexip systems, particularly tailored for the legal sector.



Attract and Retain Talent


Offering hybrid working puts your firm at and advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining talent. A hybrid workplace is extremely attractive to staff who need flexibility and agility in how and where work is done. For many people hybrid working is a non-negotiable consideration when deciding on which organisation to work with.


To ensure hybrid working does not have an negative impact on performance it is essential that you have high-quality collaboration and networking tools. Engagement is key. Your entire team need to feel valued and part of the organisation, no matter where they work from. At Fitting Image we have designed and installed office audio visual systems to specifically support hybrid working for a number of organisation.


Talk to us about how we can help you develop a more efficient, sustainable, law firm for the future that helps attract and retain the talent and clients you want.