5 Top Tips When Planning Audio Visual Systems In Offices

audio visual systems in offices

High quality, reliable Audio Visual Systems in Offices have now become essential. Effective communication and collaboration are key to business success.  At Fitting Image AV Sales we have been developing and installing AV Solutions for clients for 30 years. Our expert team have worked across a range of sectors, in a wide variety of buildings, providing user friendly audio visual systems in offices across Ireland.  Below are our 5 top tips when planning audio visual systems in offices.


1. Consider Your Office Space and How You Use It

Whether you are looking at a new build or a renovation you must consider your space, its potential and limitations. How do you plan to use office space?  What audio visual equipment do you require to ensure your organisation works most effectively? How will you use spaces? Will they have dedicated purposes or do you require flexibility and the potential to use each space in a variety of ways?  What audio visual equipment is required to deliver the results you need?

What is the impact of the external environment on the space e.g. sunlight, noise, temperature? Does this demand specific AV solutions to ensure you maximise the efficiency of your office AV system?

Technology changes quickly, keep in mind how your business may change in response to that and design with technological advances in mind to future proof the audio visual system in your office.


2. Decide on the Audio Visual Equipment That Best Suit Your Needs

An Intercom system can be useful for both security and for general internal communications. Digital Signage is a smart, engaging solution not only to direct visitors but to alert people across your organisation to new information in real-time.

Meeting rooms will require interactive screens and projectors. Interactive screens are brilliant for collaboration and increasing engagement. You also need to equip meeting rooms with speakers and microphones, these are essential as hybrid working looks set to continue. Will you need lighting and temperature controls and accessible audio loops?


3. Cabling for Audio Visual Systems in Offices

Once you have decided on the audio visual equipment then the next step is to design cabling to support it.

You need to consider how you want to communicate internally and externally.  How you will manage hybrid working and the rise in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Again, it is important to future proof the cabling for audio visual systems in offices as retrospective installation can be disruptive and expensive.


4. Sustainable Audio Visual Systems in Offices

Advances in the control and intelligence of audio visual technologies is leading to greater energy efficiency and sustainability across audio visual systems in offices.

Start by selecting energy efficient equipment.  We work with our partner Onelan to supply and install low emission, low power LED displays.

We also recommend installing technologies from our partners LG and NEC. LG is working towards becoming the most sustainable display solution company in the world.

The latest technologies have been developed with quality and durability in mind. The longer the lifecycle of the product, the less materials are consumed over time.  As well as limiting waste, this ultimately means a reduced spend. NEC’s efforts in this regard has seen them winning the Green Signage Award


5. Security of Audio Visual Systems in Offices

The security of Audio Visual Systems in Offices should be a primary concern.  Your system needs to restrict and limit access using secure user login’s and passwords.

Keep your software updated and make sure that all software patches are immediately installed.

Most audio visual devices, have the ability to log everything that they do. Use log management tools to help filter out normal log entries, and highlight any anomalies.


If you are planning to install or upgrade audio visual systems in your office get in touch, our expert team will be happy to discuss various AV solutions and identify the one that best suits your needs