Digital Signage and Display Solutions from Sharp/NEC

Digital Signage

Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. partner with Sharp/NEC Display Solutions to provide their broad range of clients with the highest quality AV solutions. Like Fitting Image, Sharp/NEC strongly value high-quality AV solutions. 

Today, display devices and digital signage are becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily lives. In public spaces and corporate common areas, digital signage is the medium by which to communicate with audiences who are often on the move. Eye-catching content draws the attention of passers-by with messaging designed to stand out. 

Fitting Image are proud to partner with Sharp/NEC, as they are one of the leading providers in the display market, and provide the widest portfolio of displays and digital signage solutions. These include large format displays, desktop displays, video wall displays and dvLED displays, including 4K UHD products.

As a “Global Display Solution Provider”, Sharp/NEC is committed to delivering crisp image and visual solutions, which Fitting Image trust to meet the diverse needs of all of their clients. Their comprehensive feature sets, best-in-class warranties and upstanding product reliability, along with their industry expertise, are paramount to their commitment to provide the ultimate immersive visual experience. Like Fitting Image, Sharp/NEC constantly strive to provide the level of service and support that is expected of an industry leader.

Fitting Image have a broad range of clients, and we understand that every market and environment has unique requirements. We carry out installations in a variety of locations, and provide ourselves on our ability to deliver customized solutions to match your needs. We use Sharp/NEC products in order to provide our clients with the best displays and digital signage solutions. Sharp/NEC provide crisp, high-quality displays that have won the trust and high reputation of customers in more than 120 countries and regions around the world. 

From corporate boardrooms and lobbies to retail venues, educational facilities, and more, Sharp/NEC’s display solutions combine the best in display technology with expert design. Their technology solves the everyday challenges businesses and organisations face, offering flexibility, scalability, ease-of-use, and a clean, streamlined installation.  

Sharp/NEC’s custom-fit digital signage solutions including open and modular embedded computing power such as Raspberry Pi, protective glass, mirror glass, coloured over frames, housings, mounts and stands; alongside a broad solutions partner network, delivers end-to-end solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of any application.

Sharp/NEC recently announced the edition of its E Series to its dvLED portfolio. The E Series offers a wide array of available pixel pitches, from 1.2 mm to 1.8 mm, and is ideal for indoor installations in corporate, education and House of Worship environments for customers looking to upgrade current digital signage.

Large format displays appear in so many usage scenarios, from presentations in meeting rooms; for advertising and wayfinding; for transport information in airports and railway stations; to mission critical applications in control rooms and hospitals. In all these usage cases, the display system is trusted to provide dependable service, delivering ‘fit for purpose’ reliability. Depending on customer requirements, many Sharp/NEC large format displays can operate up to 24 hours, seven days a week. For a creative and flexible installation, large format displays usually support portrait orientation in addition to standard landscape orientation. 

Sharp/NEC’s NaViSet Administrator 2 Software is a remote management tool to control every display in a network from a central location. The software enables access to all the displays settings and further functions such as power control, scheduling and email notifications in case of hard-/software failures. Their dvLED walls offer larger, brighter images compared to single LCD display options, and can be built in virtually any configuration. Like building blocks, dvLED solutions are able to be built to fit a specific space or purpose, and are designed without seams for one continuous image. 

At Fitting Image we value quality, and providing our clients with the best in display and digital signage solutions. Sharp/NEC displays are long-term solutions, designed to work for many years without any compromise to picture quality or functionality. NEC offers a three year warranty for guaranteed performance with extension options up to five years. During the product’s life cycle, NEC offers various services for repair and return of product to prevent long downtimes or other issues for their partners.

If you are looking for the highest quality display and digital signage solutions, contact Fitting Image today.