The Benefits of AV Technology in Courts

Courts have very specific needs when it comes to Audio Visual (AV) technology. Particularly since, but not exclusive to, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, remote courts have become increasingly common. There are many benefits AV Technology in courts for the legal sector and the general public.

Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. have worked closely with the Courts Service of Ireland to implement AV technology in courts across Ireland. Sharing aligned values when it comes to security and reliability, Fitting Image use Pexip, a secure video platform, when carrying out installations for the Courts Service.

To learn more about the benefits of utilising courtroom AV, and video conferencing for virtual and hybrid court hearings, read on:

  • By far the biggest use of Courtroom AV is to display evidence, mostly CCTV. Other uses include, Remote vulnerable witnesses, Remote Expert witnesses, Bail and Remand hearings, and more recently remote court hearings.
  • Improved accessibility: Video conferencing in the courts can make attendance easier, therefore increasing access to justice for those with disabilities and limited financial resources, while reducing no-shows of defendants. 
  • Cost-efficient: Courtroom AV can result in cost savings, made by speeding up hearings, reducing waiting times, and removing the need for security and other staff.  
  • Increased security: Courtroom AV and remote court hearings can be beneficial in removing, or reducing, the need to transport witnesses or accused to the courthouse. 
  • Increased convenience: The ability to join proceedings from anywhere in the country, or overseas, thanks to AV technology in the courtroom reduces time spent on travel, disruptions such as traffic and parking, and also cuts CO2 emissions. 
  • Witness credibility: The constant camera view of witnesses focuses attention on expressions, mannerisms, and gestures to support reliability. 
  • Documentation: Courtroom AV can simplify digital recording of audio, video and transcripts from hearings, and enable them to be shared more easily.

Video conferencing technology is constantly advancing, and the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rapid increase in user adoption. On a global level, Pexip is trusted for their virtual and hybrid court sessions. Fitting Image trust Pexip as a partner, based on the following rich features and capabilities:

  • Seamless interoperability: Hearings can take place regardless of location, with participants able to connect from any device. This means participants can conveniently join from any device such as a laptop, webcam-enabled PC, browser, mobile device, or using an existing courtroom video system. A key challenge for court systems is user-friendliness and interoperability across devices and platforms. The interoperability of Pexip means that users can join meetings from any remote device.
  • Security-first collaboration: Pexip’s enterprise-grade video conferencing solutions use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to maintain privacy and security for end-user devices and all participants in hearings.
  • Professional and reliable: Whether a meeting is joined through an app, browser, or a video system, ultra-high-quality audio and video can help to reduce video fatigue and improve clarity and comprehension in a court setting.
  • One-Touch join: Integrate with your justice department’s calendar environment to make joining any scheduled video meeting easier than ever before. However, One-Touch may require you have specific hardware.

If you or your law firm would like assistance with your AV setup, contact us today at 01 460 2112 for assistance.