Video Conferencing Technology for the Courts

The mission of the Courts Service is to manage the courts, support the judiciary and provide a high-quality and professional service to all users of the courts. Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. have been working with the Courts Service since 2007. We have designed, installed and maintained state-of-the-art video conferencing technology for Courts throughout Ireland.

One of our main tasks when carrying out these installations for the Courts Service is installing Video Link and Video Evidence Display design technology. We also continue to provide maintenance support for all of the systems installed by Fitting Image, in addition to any systems installed by previous contractors.

Video Link enables participants to appear in court remotely on a Video Conference call, as well as witnesses to appear remotely in court using their own devices, whilst also ensuring the court can maintain security and full control. Video Evidence Display systems allow those presenting evidence to show their evidence quickly and efficiently, without disturbing the Courts’ process.

In 2018, Fitting Image installed 12 Video Link and 2 Video Evidence Display systems in 7 new court buildings across Ireland. In addition to the courtroom systems, there were 6 Jury Empanelment systems and 7 witness rooms installed. Fitting Image also provided the Public Address systems in each of these 32 new court rooms.

In 2019, Fitting Image carried out a complete AV technology upgrade of the Video Evidence Display systems in the Criminal Courts of Justice (CCJ), in Dublin. This project was worth an approximate €1 million, and required completion on site within the courts’ two-month recess period. Due to our experienced management team, this was not an issue and overall the project ran smoothly.

Social distancing issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic presented particular difficulties for the Courts Service. Remote court hearings, particularly of civil cases, were gradually introduced in the immediate aftermath of lockdown. In 2021, Fitting Image successfully completed 49 installations within courts across Ireland in just 52 weeks.


  • NEC large display monitors
  • AMX control systems
  • Polycom Video Conferencing Units
  • Panasonic Cameras
  • Extron and Kramer switching and distribution
  • BiAmp Nexia Audio processors

The Courts Service said:

“The increased use of Video Link systems within the courts has been beneficial to the overall efficiency of court proceedings throughout the country, and is a vital element of our overall modernisation programme, whilst ensuring we maintain the integrity of the Irish court system.”