Benefits of a Dedicated Home Office and Video Conferencing Setup


The pandemic has no doubt changed the way we work. The traditional office looks set to be replaced by either fully remote or hybrid working, which combines working between home and the office. With over thirty years experience in the business of Audio Visual installations, Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. embrace the ongoing technological evolution. We  bring the most effective solutions to our broad range of clients to suit their needs, collaborating with trusted partners such as Sharp/NEC Digital Display Solutions, and Pexip.

With more and more employees working from home on a part-time or even full-time basis, a growing number of the workforce are creating dedicated home office spaces. Some are even going so far as to move to a new property to accommodate the need for additional space for a home office, having grown tired of working from their kitchen table or bedroom.

It is important to create a workspace environment that is beneficial to maximising productivity, including individually tailored ergonomics, a clutter-free desktop space, and future proof connectivity. Each employee is unique, requiring an individually tailored personal workspace. Achieving the perfect ergonomic setup ensures users are well equipped to perform at the peak of their ability, thus maximising productivity.

The laptop is a vital piece of equipment for remote working, but if employees are more permanently stationed at home, a single, small screen can quickly become frustrating. An additional stand-alone screen will give employees the extra screen space to efficiently work across multiple documents.

The desktop display is a key piece of office equipment, needed to support the users daily work. It is vital to ensure that the user’s display is delivering crisp and clear content and fit for purpose performance.

Sharp/NEC demonstrates its highest attention to ergonomics with a range of desktop displays offering extensive ergonomic adjustability including height, tilt, swivel and brightness controls. Matching best visualisation with health-conscious efficiency, built-in Low Blue Light technology filters out hazardous blue light emissions whilst Flicker-Free technology eliminates the effect of flickering to protect the users’ eye.

Pexip Meetings enables users to enjoy high-quality video meetings that integrate with their existing video hardware, platforms, and workflows for a seamless user experience. Pexip’s AI-powered engine Adaptive Composition enables virtual meetings to feel closer to in-person meetings, reducing distractions and offering a more natural, relaxed experience through layout optimization technology. Pexip Meetings allows users to Securely join with any device and from any location, whether from their laptop, smartphone or conference room, with the confidence that their meeting data is secure and private.

In line with hybrid and remote working becoming the norm if colleagues are unable to attend in-person meetings, the quality of the audio and visual experience is an important factor to consider when it comes to carrying out virtual meetings. It is imperative that employees working from home have a dedicated home office space with a high-quality video conferencing set up to ensure that wherever employees are based, they feel connected.

Most employees currently engaging in remote or hybrid working are relying on application-based video conference tools combined with a built-in or external webcam. However, many are becoming frustrated as running back to back video meetings day-to-day solely from their PCs isn’t always optimal. Many individuals prefer the ability to multi-task during some meetings, but it can be difficult to try to work on other applications whilst simultaneously running a bandwidth-heavy video call, especially if only using one screen. Providing employees with tools to promote seamless collaboration with ease can help with improving the productivity of those working from home.

In the new hybrid working environment, flexible collaboration systems are necessary to support remote workers and promote productivity. There are many benefits to using a dedicated video conferencing device for calls, including enabling users’ PCs to carry out other tasks during meetings; providing superior video quality making users more comfortable and more likely to keep their ‘video-on’; and providing added screen real-estate for better screen sharing experiences, allowing users to be more productive. These dedicated video conferencing devices also provide a more immersive experience for employees, reducing ‘video fatigue’ and improving overall engagement.

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