Adopting ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ Initiatives

Hybrid working has become the new norm. Employees switch between working in the office and working remotely. Although these are not necessarily new concepts, ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) and ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ (BYOM) approaches have become more common in  the hybrid working environment. Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. partners with Sharp/NEC Display Solutions and Clevertouch when providing AV and videoconferencing solutions to their broad range of clients.

The option of plug-and-play connectivity enables employees to experience high-end video and audio with any device. This means that users can connect their own laptop or tablet with ease, allowing everyone to deliver engaging video meetings no matter where they are, with fast set-up and maximum ease of use. This can play a major role in the adoption of new technology, giving employees the chance to use devices they are already familiar with, reducing the need for training and assistance from the IT department and improving overall efficiency within the organisation.

The Bring Your Own Device trend of recent years is still a popular IT solution within businesses. Many workers believe tools from their non-working life help them to be more productive. Bring Your Own Device can promote a greater choice in device type, offers flexibility and can increase workforce mobility, allowing employees to work on a variety of devices, from their smartphones, tablets or laptops, as they see fit. Plug-and-play means that anyone can connect their device and begin a productive meeting with colleagues, both in the office and at home.

Like Fitting Image, Sharp/NEC value quality, longevity and security. Sharp/NEC’s Large Format Displays are a viable option when it comes to providing solutions to improve adapting to the hybrid working model. Sharp/NEC’s Large Format Displays are the perfect option for small to medium-sized meeting spaces, providing a visual centrepiece vital to keep the attention of your audience. Their Large Format Displays are designed with quality and a user-friendly experience in mind, eliminating the need for remote controls which can easily be lost, as well as control panels to manage source inputs and switching, as this is unnecessary for small to medium-sized spaces, and can often be costly and a potential point of failure.

Sharp/NECs Large Format Displays provide the perfect solution, with an in-built auto source switching function. When the user connects to his device, the screen will automatically display from this current source. By setting priorities, when the connected user (priority 1) disconnects his device, the content will automatically revert to an alternative (priority 2) video source.

For businesses initiating Bring Your Own Device meetings, the auto source switching function offers a very simple and effective solution. Add a video conferencing camera and microphone and you’re all set to welcome your remote guests via your preferred VC platform, optimised for MS Teams or Zoom.

The NEC MultiSync® WD551 is a Microsoft Windows collaboration display that provides an integrated smart solution for modern meeting spaces. The WD551 is a room peripheral certified for Microsoft Teams designed to support maximum flexibility in hybrid working practices, enabling Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) scenarios. Users can simply connect their own device via the display’s secure USB-C cable to immediately share content and start video meetings.

By connecting a PC using familiar Microsoft tools such as Microsoft 365 and Teams, the WD551 delivers frictionless meeting experiences, with instant access whether participants are in-room or remote. Two 65W USB-C inputs enable seamless switching between two users while both connected devices receive a power supply.

While certified for Microsoft Teams enabling excellent video and sound quality during meetings, the WD551 also enables any application installed on the user’s notebook to be projected onto the display’s 55” screen, as users simply connect their own devices.

ClevertouchLive also enables the BYOM approach. A less formal way to hold meetings, users can simply start the meeting from their device and use the in-meeting-room tech such as audio, visual, and collaboration tools. And the beauty is, you should be able to use your own UC solution, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

BYOM empowers your colleagues and employees to decide where and how they connect with meeting participants. With hybrid working becoming the new norm, creating a seamless user experience with an easy ‘setup and go’ meeting is now the priority. The in-office technology needs to work every time, and should not affect users existing UC setup. Instead, it needs to complement its current setup, with no requirement to train employees to use complex technology which will take time to adjust to or to call IT for assistance. Clevertouch’s ecosystem gives users freedom of choice for using their own UC platform, ease of use for employees and standardisation of meeting rooms, wayfinding and room booking tech, which is all supported by ClevertouchLive.

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