Clevertouch Digital Signage Solutions

With over thirty years’ experience in the business of Audio Visual installations,

Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. embrace the ongoing technological evolution, ensuring we bring the most effective solutions to our broad range of clients. Fitting Image trust Clevertouch as a valuable partner when providing AV solutions to clients, sharing aligned values when it comes to quality and reliability.

Clevertouch Technologies delivers an award-winning complete Digital Signage Communications solution. With a wide variety of hardware and software products, the digital signage platform is designed to integrate to create a digital signage package tailored to suit your specific requirements. Whether an individual screen, video wall, menu board, multiscreen site, or a global rollout, Clevertouch have a range of Digital Signage solutions to suit a range of unique needs. 

Clevertouch’s dedicated Digital Signage solutions are perfect for both internal and customer-facing communications. With their Digital Signage design, users can engage dynamically with a large targeted audience to display messages that incorporate media formats such as text, photos, images, videos, web pages, RSS feeds, and social media pull-throughs.

The range, which is managed from a single-web-based cloud platform, includes Professional Displays, Free Standing Kiosks, Room Booking panels, Collaborative Whiteboards, and Interactive touch screens. Their Personalised Dashboard enables an ‘at a view’ glance of the connected displays, allowing users to see their personalised templates, the number of users, storage, and access many more useful features.

Their Customised User Interface enables users to select their functionality, see their device features, as well as provides faster and easier access to the content they need. The One Touch Action Trigger allows users to use their mobile device to: select from pre-set virtual buttons to control content on screen with a single touch; send an alert, for example a fire drill; change promotions for certain demographics; and display induction videos.

Users can also send alerts and announcements to individual screens, groups of screens, or all screens; schedule alerts, for example “break time”, or “weekly fire drill”; display announcements for a set period of time; display alerts until the user clicks the screen; and choose from Clevertouch’s premade alerts and announcements, including fire alarms and weather warnings.

Clevertouch Digital Signage solutions also enable interactive audience engagement. Users can incorporate QR codes into their template design; allow their audience to scan the QR code on their mobile device to change the presentation on screen using the user’s pre-set selections; add a URL for audience takeaway or call to action, which will open in their browser; provide more product information for retail establishments; display a calendar of events for educational institutions; display the building map for directions; and display menus for food and beverage ordering.

The key features of Clevertouch Digital Signage solutions include: single platform management; no subscription fees; flexibility and scalability; and access to manufacturer support team.

The CM Series is ideal for those requiring a display with inbuilt digital signage. The features include non-touch professional LDF with inbuilt digital signage and meeting room system integration. They also feature 4K Ultra HD resolution; 16 hour/7 day operation; landscape and portrait options; 3 year deinstall and reinstall warranty; power management scheduling; android technology; wireless display connectivity; vibrant picture quality; control integration; and dynamic digital signage playback.

The Pro V4 option is ideal for those who already have a screen, but need a digital signage media player. This product includes Windows 10 operating system, 24/7 operation, power scheduling, auto reboot, and a 3-year warranty.

The PICO MK5 is an alternative option for those who already have a screen, and require a digital signage media player. This includes the Android 7.1 operating system, 24/7 operation, and a 1 Year warranty.

Clevertouch Digital Signage solutions aim to provide high performance technology to improve audience engagement, and to bring meeting presentations and digital signage content to life. Their professional displays are suitable for a range of sectors, including:

Corporate, hospitality, health, retail, education, government, construction, and recreation. If you require assistance with your Digital Signage solutions, call Fitting Image today, on (01) 460 2112.