Benefits of Pexip For Video Conferencing


Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. ensure we bring the most effective solutions to our broad range of clients by keeping up to date with the latest in Audio Visual and technological advancements. By utilising platforms such as Pexip for video conferencing, which is aided by Artificial Intelligence (AI), organisations can achieve a collaborative video conferencing experience that is natural, interactive, and as close an experience as possible to meeting in person.

While the days before video conferencing became the norm may seem like a lifetime ago, adapting to remote working was without a doubt an adjustment process for many employees and organisations. From remembering to mute and unmute when appropriate, freezing screens, learning how to share your screen and content with others attending your virtual meeting, and poor audio and video quality, adapting to this new way of working was a lengthy adjustment for many.

However, with continuous technological advancements, and the hybrid working model becoming the new norm, adopting technological solutions that are seamless, easy to navigate, and allow for a more pleasant and consistent video conferencing experience should be a top priority for organisations.


Pexip’s AI-powered engine utilises facial recognition to identify which meeting participant is speaking and to align their face in the best manner, whether sitting still or moving around the room. Colour, sound volume, and lighting issues can all be adjusted automatically. It is even possible to detect who is speaking the most during a call, to see who is most engaged by analysing poses and gestures, and to ensure these people are always on screen.

Natural language processing could soon allow conversations to be translated into different languages in real-time, which would be extremely beneficial to companies with teams based across the globe. Another useful feature could be voice-to-text transcription, which can be used to take notes and pull up files with ease. 

Both the pre- and post-meeting experience can also be improved by AI, in which algorithms are used to recommend which people to invite onto a call, or suggest the optimum time to schedule a meeting based on everyone’s calendars. 

With hybrid meetings here to stay, and many organisations having globally based teams, AI-powered technology is a great way to ensure a fully collaborative experience for your team.

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