Choosing the Right Interactive Display for Your Business

Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. has over 30 years of experience in the business of AV installations across a wide range of industries. When it comes to interactive displays, there are numerous makes and models out there, which can be overwhelming and challenging for those tasked with choosing which interactive display is the best fit for your business. 

Read on, to find out 5 key questions you should be considering when it comes to choosing the best interactive display for your businesses needs.

1. Are These Interactive Displays Easy To Use?

Training can not only be costly to your company in terms of finances, but it can also be time consuming. One of the most vital aspects to consider when it comes to choosing an interactive display for your business is ease of use.A user-friendly interface, along with the availability of training videos or a ‘How-To’ guide are all important factors to consider in terms of maintaining high productivity when purchasing any new AV technology for your business. Fitting Image is happy to provide your team with straight forward training for your new AV equipment, once we have completed the installation, to ensure confidence and a user-friendly experience for your team.


2. Can You Use Legacy Resources?

One of the key reasons for individuals being reluctant to upgrade or change their AV equipment, as well as learning to adapt to new AV technology in their workplace, is that they are often used to using a certain software and platform.It’s essential to find out if the screen you choose has software that is compatible with your current setup. Some software will allow you to open interactive whiteboard files, Smart files, Promethean files, etc.


3. Are These Interactive Displays Remote Ready?


Since the onset of the pandemic, the majority of us have gotten used to working remotely, where possible, and hybrid working model looks set to stay. With employees across many businesses and organisations continuing with the hybrid or remote working model, as well as teachers and students needing to isolate at home, it’s vital that your technology can support a blended working or classroom environment. It is important to consider factors such as whether you can record presentations, meetings, and lessons with audio.


4. Do These Interactive Displays Foster Collaboration?


People are far more engaged when they are actively involved. Choosing an interactive display that it will work with any device and any network is essential, from business meetings and conferences, to secondary and higher education, in cases where individuals are likely to bring their own devices from home. It is necessary for the interactive display to be able to share content to any device, including Android, Apple, Chrome and Windows. It is important to consider factors such as: whether the display will work with any network and device; whether you are required to download an app; whether an you share content both ways; and for certain industries in particular, how secure the system is, regarding any sensitive and confidential information.


5. How Easy Is It For The IT Department To Manage?


Ideally, when it comes to installing software and apps, updating firmware, and syncing screens to a central messaging platform, the IT Department will manage everything remotely. It is vital to choose technology that can link to a centralised platform, where devices can be managed remotely. This will save the time of employees as well as the IT department, the maintenance of the technology is convenient, and does not have a negative impact on the overall productivity of the business.


Whether you are in corporate, hospitality, health, retail, education, or government, Fitting Image have over 30 years of experience providing AV solutions across a broad range of clients. If you would like to find out more about interactive display solutions for your business, contact Fitting Image today.