Incorporating Hologram and Holographic Technology into your Business

Continuously keeping up to date on the latest in AV technology, Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. is revolutionising AV in Ireland, using innovative hologram and holographic technology from companies such as ARHT, PORTL, and HYPERVSN.

Hologram and holographic technology is a three-dimensional projection that can be seen without any special equipment, such as cameras or glasses. A hologram can be viewed from any angle, meaning that as the user walks around the holographic image, the object will appear to move and shift realistically. Holographic images can be static, such as a picture of a product, or they may be animated sequences which can be watched by multiple people from any viewpoint. Hologram technology is continuously developing and has advanced rapidly in recent years. These latest techniques allow for more realistic, convincing and interactive models to be displayed. A wide range of industries can use hologram and holographic technology, including education, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, law, and more and it is expected to become more widespread in the future. 

There are many benefits to incorporating hologram technology within your business. Holograms can enable people to collaborate and give presentations in more interactive and engaging ways, wherever they are in the world. 

Business travel can be costly, time-consuming and negatively impact a company’s ESG policy. However, there are times when video calls and conferences will not suffice. When it comes to important conferences and presentations, holograms can provide an ideal alternative, as it reduces issues relating to lagging, internet connectivity, and improves overall engagement and the ability to incorporate body language.

Holograms enable subject matter experts to appear in several places at one time and answer questions in near real-time. This technology allows for a more realistic audience experience, with the speaker appearing on stage or in the same room as them. 

Hologram technology will also likely provide a higher audio and video quality, which is necessary for expert presentations and conferences. 

At Fitting Image, we have a range of hologram technology solutions to offer our clients, depending on their specific needs. The HoloPresence™ hologram technology by ARHT enables people to appear remotely in one or multiple locations, to both in-person and remote audiences, without the need to travel. 

We can also offer our clients the PORTL EPIC, a hologram display solution consisting of Hi-Fi stereo speakers for life-like audio, a built-in motion camera, and a 4k touch screen allowing you to see and interact with your audience in 4k resolution. For those seeking a more compact hologram display solution, we also offer the PORTL M. This is a sleek, portable hologram display solution, that provides all of the features of the EPIC in a portable, tabletop form.

We also supply a range of hologram display solutions and hologram services from HYPERVSN. HYPERVSN’s integrated system allows users to create, display and manage 3D visuals, which resemble holograms floating in mid-air. Breakthrough holographic technology meets the HYPERVSN CMS to produce truly awe-inspiring 3D visuals. 

Whatever your unique holographic needs, Fitting Image has the right experience and a wide range of hologram technology solutions and services to help you find the best options for your organisation. Our experts can walk you through our range of hologram technology solutions and services to help you decide on the right solution for you. Once we install your hologram equipment, Fitting Image will provide any ongoing maintenance as needed and train your team on how to use the equipment to ensure you can use it confidently and with ease.

If you would like to learn more about holographic technology and discover the best solutions to suit your business needs, contact us today . Our team of experts are here to help you with everything from upgrading an existing installation or installing an entirely new system