What AV Equipment is Necessary for the Courtroom?

AV Law

When it comes to Audio Visual (AV) technology, the Courts have very specific needs and requirements. Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to AV installations and maintenance. We determined what AV equipment is necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the Courts Service of Ireland. We have implemented AV technology in courtrooms across Ireland, for over 15 years.


Main use of AV Equipment in the Courts


AV plays a vital role in the day-to-day functioning of the Courts. The main use of AV in the courtroom is for: evidence presentation; Video Link, Video and Audio recording; and general PA sound in the courtroom. More recently, during Covid, courts have been able to utilise the Video Link equipment to run eCourts, with most of the participants appearing remotely.

Evidence presentation

  • This involves playback or presentation of evidence such as a video, photograph, document, or file, which can be played back or displayed to the courtroom on large overhead displays, and any audio associated with it will also be played back on the courtroom PA. 

Video Link

  • In some cases, courts need to facilitate the appearance of remote or expert witnesses in the courtroom. 
  • This is carried out via video conference or Video Link. The Video Link system allows the witness to appear on the large screens and be heard on the courtroom PA. 
  • Video Links are recorded, and the files are stored for future reference. The most common use of these recordings is to allow them to be examined in the case of an appeal.

Remote Court

  • In the eCourt scenario, the Judge, legal representatives, plaintiffs, and witnesses can all appear on the Video Link.
  • This involves cases where more than one participant is external to the courtroom.
  • In these situations, either the entire court sitting takes place on the remote court platform, or it takes place in the form of a hybrid setting, where a number of participants in the courtroom and a number of participants outside of the courtroom.
  • The system in the courtroom is always included to facilitate Digital Audio Recording (DAR).


What Av Equipment is Necessary in a Courtroom

The AV equipment and evidence presentation platforms in the courtroom need to be multifaceted.

A standard courtroom AV setup includes:

  • A 4-camera rig – This involves 4 HD cameras in the courtroom, all linked to the VC system. The cameras can be selected by the Judge or the Registrar.
  • Evidence display equipment – There is an in-house evidence display PC that the court can allow necessary participants to access. Also available are connections for laptops. Control is presented via three control Touch Panels. 
  • The courtroom may also have a document camera to allow the display of paper or 3D objects. 
  • There is a minimum of two 55-inch monitors in a standard courtroom. These are located at the top of the courtroom behind the judge, as well as display monitors on the council (barristers, law practitioners) benches and on the registrar’s bench. Courtrooms with a jury box will also have up to 8 monitors in the jury box, to allow the jury to view the evidence.
  • There is also an audio processor with the capacity for between 8 to 10 microphones at various locations throughout the courtroom. These all link into a distinct and independent digital audio recording system (DAR), which records everything that is said or played back in the courtroom for later transcription, and also feeds the speakers in the courtroom.

The Courts Service of Ireland trusts in the expertise of Fitting Image to provide reliable AV solutions for the sensitive nature of their work in delivering justice. Fitting Image also supplies the Digital Signage technology to enable the public to find the relevant location in large courts buildings.

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