Challenges Providing AV Technology in the Courtroom

AV Law

Highly experienced in the business of AV installation and maintenance, Fitting Image has worked closely with the Courts Service of Ireland since 2007, to provide the highest quality AV solutions to courtrooms across Ireland.

The high profile and customised nature within the courtroom can make it challenging when it comes to AV installation within the courts. Producing a system that works first-time every time is vital to the day-to-day functioning of the court. Due to the formality of the proceedings, tolerance for disruption relating to courtroom AV is incredibly low.

One particular challenge regarding AV technology within the courts is the requirement for clarity. Because of the nature of the courts’ work – whether you have a witness, counsel, or judge speaking, there is a requirement that every participant in the courtroom can clearly hear them. Again, there is a very low tolerance for distortion, disruption, or low volume, because it is vital that evidence is heard and understood correctly. Fitting Image installs hight quality Audio PA systems in a number of the courts, with some supplied by other suppliers.

Another key challenge when installing courtroom AV is the profile of the buildings themselves. The Courts Service have a real dichotomy in their estate, between ultra-modern, newly built courtrooms and legacy buildings. 83 percent of the Courts Service buildings are listed, meaning the existing structures have to be protected. 

Producing a high-end, premium experience with a low tolerance for disruption or distortion in a building that was built over one hundred years ago, which may have thick stone walls, many hard surfaces, and high ceilings can prove particularly challenging. Fitting Image works closely with Courts and the OPW to co-ordinate cable infrastructure installations.

The courts have a 4-camera set-up, with programmed pre-set positions. The Registrar can select the correct camera and if necessary move it for better framing. This all happens on the Touch Panel located at the Registrar’s bench. 

There are multiple challenges when it comes to AV equipment in the courtroom, and ensuring everything is in working order to facilitate the day-to-day functioning of the courts.

Fitting Image has been trusted by the Courts Service of Ireland to provide reliable AV solutions for their work in delivering justice. If your business would like assistance with your AV setup, contact us today at 01 460 2112, or email [email protected] for assistance.