The Importance of Updating & Maintaining AV Equipment for the Courts

updating and maintaining AV equipment

Fitting Image has worked with the Courts Service of Ireland since 2007. Throughout this period, Fitting Image has designed, installed and maintained state-of-the-art Audio Visual (AV) technology systems within the courts throughout Ireland. Updating and maintaining AV equipment and technology for courtrooms is vital to the day-to-day functioning of the courts, as there is zero tolerance for failure due to the nature of their work.


The Importance of AV Technology


AV and the ability to present digital evidence has very much become a core service element to the courts. AV technology is now a crucial part of the facilities required to allow many cases to proceed, and there is no tolerance for failure. Therefore, it is essential that the AV equipment within the courtroom is in working order at all times.


Updating and Maintaining AV Equipment


As the equipment is required to work first-time every time, Fitting Image prioritises the updating and maintaining of AV equipment. The only way to ensure this is to have a high maintenance requirement and a consistent maintenance routine, which is done on a quarterly basis at a minimum. In the Criminal Courts of Justice complex in Dublin, there are monthly service checks on all 22 courts.

The courts also operate with incredibly tight Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Therefore, it is essential that the courts have a service in place that provides a quick response when issues do arise.


Top Quality Support Service


One of the most important elements is the Courtroom support service. There is more involved in maintaining AV for the Courts Service than simply getting engineers and maintenance technicians to the site when necessary. It is essential to ensure that the engineers have both the skills and capabilities to identify and diagnose a problem, along with the necessary tools and technology to fix any issues on-site as required.

This traveling workshop is one of the key deliverables from Fitting Image, along with the high degree of skill and capability that our core team of engineers possesses in order to successfully manage the entire AV stack.

“If I was to be asked about the performance of Fitting Image as an AV service provider, I couldn’t speak in more glowing terms regarding both their flexibility and their agility in terms of design, service, and maintenance, but also in terms of the skill, capability and profile of their engineer set. I think that is where Fitting Image really adds extra value and is where they have really delivered for us.”

Says Rob Rogers, Head of ICT Operations at The Courts Service.


AV Essential for the Courts Service


AV is an essential service in which the Courts Service has invested significantly. The AV equipment that the courts use is a premium AV estate and one that is customised to their particular environment, with a very low tolerance for failure due to the essential nature of their work. 

The Courts Service of Ireland trusts in the expertise of Fitting Image to provide reliable AV solutions for the sensitive nature of their work. If your business would like assistance with your AV setup, whatever your industry, contact us today at 01 460 2112, or email [email protected].