4 Ways Digital Signage Improves Sustainability

Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd, has over thirty years experience bringing the latest and most effective Audio Visual solutions to our clients. Many clients are now looking for more sustainable solutions. We recognise that digital signage improves sustainability and offers efficient and cost-effective solutions. Here we explain what we mean by digital signage and how it can be a more sustainable solution for you.

What is a Digital Signage Solution?

A digital signage platform integrates a range of hardware and software products to create a digital signage package. Fitting Image tailors solutions to suit the specific needs of each client. Installations display video or multimedia content for informational or advertising purposes. These can include information signs at schools or colleges, advertisements in train stations or retail settings, ordering points in fast food restaurants or directional signage


How Does Digital Signage Improves Sustainability?


  1. New digital signage technologies improve sustainability and efficiency.


Fitting Image chooses to work with products and suppliers committed to providing sustainable digital signage and AV solutions. We work with our partner Onelan to supply and install low emission, low power LED displays. Innovations include built in media players which consume less energy, on/off scheduling function and a built-in Ambient Light Sensor.

LG and NEC are our preferred monitors for providing digital signage solutions. LG is working towards becoming the most sustainable display solution company in the world.


  1. Choosing Durable Technology to improve sustainability


We are committed to providing high quality, durable digital signage solutions. The longer the lifecycle of the product the less materials are consumed which means reduced spend and limiting waste.  NEC digital signage solutions improve sustainability with display solutions which last longer, can be refurbished and are recyclable which extend their lifecycle. Their efforts have been recognised by winning the Green Signage Award.


  1. Digital Signage is updated remotely

Digital signage, unlike traditional printed signage, is delivered and installed only one time.  The content and information on digital signage is easy to update remotely online. This removes the need for regular travel to printed signs to remove and update them. Using digital signage improves sustainability by reducing carbon emissions from transport. eliminating the need  to provide information for a lifetime, and it won’t need to be replaced anytime soon unless it breaks down.


  1. Using Digital Signage decreases wastage

Firstly the use of digital signage reduces the numbers of trees that need to be cut, transported to mills and processed into paper. Printed communication has a very short shelf life and the waste generated from updating print campaigns, in multiple locations is much less sustainable than setting up a digital signage network.


Other Benefits of Digital Signage Solutions


  1. Digital Signage is Easy to Update

Messaging displayed on digital signage can be regularly and instantly updated online across multiple locations.


  1. Digital Signage Can be Scheduled

You can change the messaging on digital signage to suit the time of day or the day of the week. Messaging can change to target particular audiences at different times. For example advertising messaging targeting commuters on weekday mornings can change to target tourists or day trippers during the day and at weekends.


  1. Weather Reactive Digital Signage

Your digital signage content management system can include a weather reactivity feature. This means you can programme screens to automatically show different content based on different weather conditions. This feature was very successfully used by Kraft Heinz in a winter soup campaign


  1. Multiple Display Options with Digital Signage

Digital signage offers opportunities to display moving as well as still images.  You also have the option to display a carousel of multiple rotating messages on the one digital signage display


  1. Digital Signage can display your RSS news feed

Digital signage software allows you to display RSS news feed tickers. This is a very effective and efficient way to provide updates in real time to customers, visitors or students.

Would you like to know more?

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