How to Choose the Best AV Solutions for Your Business

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We provide high quality AV solutions tailored to meet each clients needs and budget. Our audio visual solutions include video conferencing, remote learning and digital signage solutions.  We also provide exhibition and event AV solutions. For over 30 years we have worked with law firms, third level institutions, government agencies and businesses across Ireland to provide best in class AV solutions.


What is an AV Solution?

An AV solution is a system which allows you to seamlessly display Video and Audio in meeting room spaces and other required locations. Audio visual solutions are used to improve communication and collaboration in offices, educational institutions, retail and at events.

They are highly effective at increasing engagement and helping to communicate complex concepts. . At Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd., we pride ourselves in understanding your unique requirements and creating AV Solutions that best suit your needs.


Different Types of AV Solutions

AV Solutions for Offices

Successful hybrid working depends on smart  AV solutions for both internal collaboration and facilitating meetings with clients and suppliers. Bring your own device culture demands that the AV solution you chose is flexible and easy to use. It also has to work across a range of devices and platforms. Our team can design, install and maintain meeting room and video conferencing technologies to bring the highest quality AV solutions to your organisation. We partner with leading brands to ensure your AV Solution sustainably delivers to your specific needs.


Digital Signage

Digital signage allows businesses and organisations to share timely messages on an electronic display. It can be managed remotely, and easily updated as needs demand. While there is an initial investment in digital signage, savings are made in the generation of digital rather than printed graphics.  There is also no recurring cost of removing and replacing printed signage.


AV Solutions for Education

Fitting Image has worked with schools and colleges, including Trinity College and UCD for many years. Integrating AV technology into the modern classroom provides a more engaging and interactive educational experience.  It also prepares students for the technology focused workplace. We provide screen mirroring interactive displays and can install software that helps create interactive lessons in minutes   We can also fit video conferencing solutions with crystal clear large screen projection, auto tracking cameras and high quality microphones and speakers. We provide a range of innovative teaching aids including top-class lecture capture systems.


AV Solutions for Exhibition Centres and Events

We have worked with Museum designers and architects to develop AV solutions for some of the top exhibition and visitor centres in Ireland. Using our decades of expertise and the latest in technology, our creative technical team will design and install top-quality audio, lighting, staging and video solutions for your facility, no matter the size of your venue, and always keeping the visitor experience font of mind. We work with top-tier holographic technology companies to bring hologram services into your exhibition centre or heritage site. This can bring characters from the past, or present day guest speakers ‘to life’ as they can engage and answer questions live as though they were physically in the room.


What to Consider When Choosing AV Solutions


Clients specific requirements

You need to find an AV Solution that delivers what you need. We take time to really understand your organisation, what you need your AV technology to deliver for you and what will be the best design to meet your needs. Then we devise hard AV working solution that delivers exactly what you need and don’t pay for technologies you don’t need or will never use.

Current Usage and Future needs

It is essential the the AV Solutions installed are easy to use, flexible across a range of devices and platforms and will have a long lifespan.  We work with the leading AV technology providers in the world to install the latest technologies.  This is crucial to future proof AV Solutions and ensure a great return on investment.

Building and Architecture

Each type of building presents challenges when designing and installing AV Solutions.  Through our work with The Courts Service of Ireland we have successfully carried out installations in a wide variety of Perhaps your organisation is based in an old building with thick walls and restrictions on network cabling designs.  Maybe you work from a modern building, with lots of glass, where the impact of light on visuals displays will be a factor. Our team perform site visits to ensure that from the outset your AV solutions are designed to work with your building.


Your budget will guide the choice of technologies to be considered when designing your AV Solutions. There will be certain must have elements and other nice to have elements which can be added over time. We will work with you to maximise the value you get from your allocated budget and also ensure you have an appropriate maintenance and support contract to keep all you AV equipment in top condition and minimise down time.



Unfortunately cyber-attacks are becoming more common. In many cases the same network used for AV Solutions is where sensitive customer and employee data is stored. With the rise in bring your own device policies, together with guests and visitors logging into your network it is crucial that you choose an AV expert that understands and recognises the importance of your cybersecurity. As trusted AV providers for The Courts Service of Ireland we prioritise client security in all our installations



Service and Maintenance Support for AV Solutions

Once you install or upgrade your AV Solutions it is vital you have a maintenance contract in place. This will make sure all of your AV equipment is kept in optimum condition as well as maintaining continuity of operation.  You need to choose a supplier who  you can depend on to keep your AV technologies up and running when you need them. Our commitment to top class maintenance support has been recognised by the The Public Sector Magazine’s Excellence in Business Awards, where we have been awarded with the Excellence in Installation and Maintenance of Audio-Visual Equipment in 2020 and 2021.


Are you considering installing or upgrading AV Solutions for your organisation?  Get in touch with us, we would be happy to have a chat about your needs, your budget and how best to deliver the best solution for you.