Managing the AV Supply Chain

AV supply chain

Our globalised economies have become more dependant on lean, just-in-time global supply chains.  This model has worked well, delivering efficiencies and profitability while limited waste. However, a number of factors in recent years have put that supply chain model under severe pressure. These factors also impact the AV supply chain. Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. works hard to overcome supply chain challenges when choosing the best solutions for our business and yours.

Factors Impacting the AV Supply Chain


Covid Pandemic

Pandemic related shutdowns, and workforce shortages due to illness and isolations have had a significant impact on supply chains across the world. Manufacturers have had to manage the changing circumstances in their own businesses. They have also been at the mercy of interruptions from their own suppliers


The Russian invasion of Ukraine and tensions between China and its neighbours have had a significant impact on global supply chains.. Efficiency is now being reframed as reliability, and the need to build more resilient supply chains. This is particularly the case in technologies of strategic value, such as AV supply chains.


The increased frequency and intensity of climate events is causing disruptions in global supply chains. Flooding, drought, storms and wildfires are leading to interruptions in manufacturing and distribution. This in turn raises costs and prices.

Instability in Energy Supply and Costs

A secure energy supply is something the world has come to rely on. The current energy crisis, with its escalating prices, as led to some manufacturers to limit production. The cost of transportation and distribution has risen sharply, impacting all costs and reliability of supplies.


How Fitting Image Works to Overcome AV Supply Chain Issues


Building Strong Relationships

Fitting image has built up great relationships with suppliers over our 30 years in business. We can leverage these relationships to deliver the best outcomes for out clients.  Getting early notice of potential supply chain issues can help planning to over come them.

Clear Communications

It is important when planning an AV solutions to have clear, honest communication about requirements, expectations, budgets and deliverables. This clarity will save time and get the project designed and orders placed as early as possible.

Plan ahead

Ensure you have a complete detailed plan of everything required when you place your order. Changing orders can lead to delays.

Order early

With demand outstripping supply getting a PO locked in early is the best chance at securing delivery as soon as possible.

Be flexible

Designs and layouts may have to be amended depending on availability of equipment. Should we encounter AV supply chain issues we can advise on alternative options that will deliver the solutions you need. However we never compromise on quality for availability

Consider a phased installation

To overcome supply chain issues with particular elements of an AV Solution, sometimes it is best to consider a phased installation.

If you are starting to consider updating your AV solutions or installing a new AV system, contact us at the very outset.  We can help you plan a solution that suits your needs and budget and that works around any AV supply chain challenges.