7 Essential Elements For Great AV For Meeting Rooms


Successful businesses are built on communication. Hybrid working demands great AV for meeting rooms to promote collaboration and boost productivity no matter where your team are based.  At Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. we are experts at designing, installing and maintaining AV solutions for meeting rooms. Whether you need to upgrade and existing system or are looking for a new installation, we can assess and plan the solution that best suits your needs and budget. We have worked with clients in older buildings as well as new builds and can cater for a variety of spaces from meeting rooms, to boardrooms, conference rooms and public areas.

In our experience there are 7 essential elements you need to consider when planning AV for meeting rooms.


1. Displays

High quality visual displays are essential.  Being able to see people on screen is vital for effective communication.  We partner with Sharp/NEC to ensure our clients have access to the most comprehensive portfolio of display technologies. As pioneers of technology innovation Sharp/NEC provide the best options for future proofing your displays. They “engineer in value” to their technology making the solutions we provide more sustainable.


2. Audio or Video conferencing

When you are choosing the best audio equipment for your meeting room it is important to understand the organisation and how the system will be used. Is the company culture a consideration? Are their industry regulations that must be considered? Social distancing has led us to be more reluctant to huddle around a single microphone or speaker, so microphones and speakers dispersed around the room are now essential and an audio processor with the capacity to support this infrastructure is essential.


3. Microphones and Speakers

Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. has installed AV Solutions for The Courts Service of Ireland in more than 50 courtrooms. It is critical that each and every word in legal cases is heard by all parties. Our experience in fitting microphones and speakers in a wide variety of buildings, and rooms of different scale and designs means our expert team will know what will work best for you and your business.


4. Cameras

Cameras for meeting rooms and conference rooms must have high quality video resolution. We recommend getting the best for your budget and choosing cameras that are easy to use, to avoid delays to meetings or unnecessary frustration.  Consider the size of the meeting room. Smaller rooms need a camera that can take in a larger field of view to capture everyone’s face.  In a larger room people can position themselves to ensure they are visible.


5. Connectivity

The quality and speed of your internet connection will impact your video conferencing experience.  How many devices will be required to connect to your system?  AV for meeting rooms must be able to easily synch with other devices and networks, especially as people increasingly bring their own devices to work. You must also recognise this has security implications and factor that into your plans.


6. Interactive Touchscreen Display

Is an interactive touchscreen display part of your present or future requirements?  These displays faciltiate one-click meting start as well as walk-up and use digital white boards which connect online with remote participants.  With hybrid working set to be the new norm this set up can future proof your meeting room.  For some clients a mix of TV Displays and interactive panels is their perfect solution.


7. Security

The global average cost of a data breach has hit a record high of $4.35 million. When remote working was a factor in the breach the costs were on average $1million greater. Security is a essential factor to consider when planning AV solutions for meeting rooms.  We work with Pexip to not only deliver state of the art AI-powered meeting management but to also protect our clients against data breaches.


Are you considering AV solutions for meeting rooms at your organisation?  Contact us to discuss the options that best fit your needs and budget.