7 Benefits of Video Conferencing in the Workplace

The introduction of hybrid working means that businesses will need an efficient way to connect with their teams. Video conferencing is becoming an integral part of any business and is becoming easier to incorporate into our workspaces as we adapt to our new working lives. So, it is important to find a reliable tool for a valuable video conferencing setup.

Fitting Image AV Sales Ltd. stays up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure their clients are provided with the best possible video conferencing services to suit their unique needs and spaces. Read on to find out some benefits of advanced video collaboration in the workplace:

1.  Video Conferencing Connects and Increases Productivity Among Teams

Working from home can make people feel isolated from their colleagues in the office. If those in the office have access to AV in meeting rooms, this allows people working in the office to stay connected with those who are working from home. This gives teams the opportunity to work together over a video call either in a planned meeting or for just a spur-of-the-moment discussion. Having access to this type of technology helps increase productivity and collaboration among team members. Instead of sending a lengthy email, setting up a call and having the option to screen-share projects can help get work done quicker and more efficiently.

2. Video Conferencing is More Engaging 

On audio calls, it can be difficult to concentrate at times because of the lack of face-to-face contact. With each person visible on video calls, team members are more likely to concentrate and communicate just as they would during in-person meetings. This form of communication can also help people retain and comprehend information more effectively. 

3. Video Conferencing is Cost-effective

Investing in AV in meeting rooms has many benefits, and saving your business money is one of them. Traveling to in-person meetings can be costly and wastes valuable company time. Take the money you would have spent on travel and put this towards business priorities like Audio Visual Systems in the office. Comparing the cost of travel and of video conferencing reveals that video conferencing is a better investment in the long haul. 

4. Helps Improves Meeting Attendance

Organizing in-person meetings can prove challenging at times when trying to find a time and location that suits everyone. Having the option of video conferencing allows flexibility for employees, which helps boost meeting attendance, and, for those who cannot attend, the meeting can be recorded for them to view at a later time. 

5. Video Conferencing Helps Save Time

Having access to video conferencing solutions helps reduce the commuting time from in-person meetings. Meetings with clients, suppliers, and even your own team members can take up valuable time during your day – even an hour-long meeting can quickly eat up an entire morning when taking travel time into account. And if sustainability is one of your company values, AV solutions is a far greener option than in-person meetings. 

6. Provides more structure to your day 

Having access to video conferencing tools allows you and your team to have more structure in your workday. Because people are calling in from different locations, the start and end times of video calls are usually well-defined before the meeting. This creates more productivity and causes fewer idle conversations. And, as these meetings are more likely to follow an agenda, video conferencing meetings are more likely to end on time, resulting in a more efficient workday.

7. Gives your company a sustained competitive advantage 

When you consider all of these advantages combined, it’s easy to see how video conferencing can provide a strong competitive edge for your business. With lower costs, increased communication, and more productive meetings, you can streamline many of your current tasks and increase collaboration at the same time. 

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